The Best Ways To Improve Your Google Shopping Quality Score

Your Google Shopping Quality Score

The Google shopping ad quality score measures how well your Google ads perform. The score ranges from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest possible score. Google uses it to diagnose how users experience your ad and its landing page. Three metrics go into the score. If your Google shopping quality score falls short of your expectations, use these tips to improve it.

Increase Relevance

Relevance means that your ad shows people the products they searched for. Google prioritizes relevance. Use keywords that match the intention of the user. Spend time researching relevant keywords. Dozens, perhaps hundreds of tools speed up the keyword research process. Ahrefs, Google AdWords, and are popular keyword research tools. Stick to 20 or fewer keywords. Remember that Google focuses on quality rather than the quantity of the keywords.

Write Great Copy

When writing your ad, create copy that motivates the reader to take the action you desire. Use the main keyword in the URL, title and description of the ad. Keep the title to 80 characters or less. Use active voice, and include a call to action. Focus the content of your ad on the features and benefits of the product or service. Talk directly to the customer

Optimize Your Landing Design

The landing page of your ad makes a considerable impression on the visitor. Google takes these landing pages seriously and uses objective measures from the landing page when calculating your shopping quality score. Make sure that ad takes the searcher to a relevant landing page. The content and keywords factor into the relevance. Use keywords in the opening paragraph, page title and captions for images. Keep navigation in mind. Google penalizes difficult navigation. Set up a clean, prominent menu. Keep footer navigation simple.

Speed Matters

Landing page loading speed matters. Visitors won’t wait for a slow page. Google’s crawler is also impatient, and it penalizes landing pages that are slow. Speed the loading time of your landing page by using JPEG files for images, removing auto-play videos and eliminating animations. Make sure the landing page is optimized for mobile browsers. Nearly 80% of shopping and browsing takes place on a mobile device, and Google dings ad campaigns that aren’t set up for mobile devices.

Boost Your Click Through Rate

The click through rate (CTR) measures the percentage of clicks on your ad. Google counts how many times your ad is displayed and how many times people click on it. This rate is an indirect measure of how relevant your ad is to each user. Although some people will click on an ad if it catches their eye, most people will only click on the ads that are relevant to their searches. A high click through rate boosts your Google shopping quality score. Your past click through rates also affect your current quality score.

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