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Small Business Marketing Consultant Services

Trying to make sense of the complexities of digital marketing is hard, and turning those tactics into a strategy that meets your marketing goals is even more challenging without the right skills and experience. Since learning about modern marking strategies and keeping up with changes both take time, most businesses benefit more from working with a small business marketing consultant. These professionals understand the connections between marketing and sales, and they use data to create effective strategies that improve qualified leads.

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When Do You Need a Professional Small Business Marketing Consultant?

When marketing goals remain unmet, trying to identify the reasons can be difficult and frustrating. Marketing consultants often help businesses in these situations:

  • Current plan does not cover all touch points or channels
  • Brand presence performance is unsatisfactory
  • Few conversions in comparison with site visitors
  • Difficulty understanding campaign performance
  • Falling behind competitors on SERPs
  • Poor communication between marketing stakeholders
  • Unsatisfactory ROI on inbound marketing
  • Difficulty using data to improve marketing strategy


When you need to see improvements on your marketing efforts and want to reach growth goals, a consultant can help. Consultants know how to determine factors that are holding companies back and how to fix them. They create customized, comprehensive strategies that fit branding and growth goals. These are the top benefits of working with a consultant:

  • Lower cost than hiring an in-house marketing expert
  • Access to in-depth insights
  • Flexible access to marketing expertise

How a Consultant Helps

A small business marketing consultant looks at every aspect of a business and provides end-to-end solutions. Strategies encompass all channels of marketing that are ideal for a specific business, and each aspect is optimized for the company’s market and audience. Consultants provide these and other marketing services:

If your business is struggling to keep up with digital marketing trends and maintain an effective strategy, Renaissance Digital Marketing is here to help. Trying to guess what will work or using outdated strategies are common mistakes that hurt digital success for businesses. With a laser-focused strategy that meets your goals and is optimized for your market, you can strengthen your brand and see measurable results. Please contact us to learn more.

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