From startup ideas to market leaders.


KITSCH is proud to be recognized as a self-financed, female-owned global accessory brand built on positivity and pure hard work. Established in 2010, with a business plan no longer than a paragraph, Kitsch has grown from door to door sales to selling products in over 27 countries across 20,000 retail locations worldwide. KITSCH is committed to creating high quality products that are effortless, elevated and easy to use. From fashionable shower caps to minimal metal hair clips, KITSCH is evolving your everyday essentials.


At Kosas, their clean, skin-loving, botanical formulas and expert color pigmentation honor the beauty in every layer of the self. They undo conventional rules and create products that are beauty rebels, effortlessly applied, flattering across skin tones, and enriched with beneficial skincare ingredients.

With their eyes always fixed on transformation and the future of cosmetics, they are proud to be at the forefront of a beauty revolution, and they’re not about to stop.


LIVELY is inspired by what makes women sexy today; smart, healthy, outgoing and confident. Delivering bras and undies that blur the aesthetic lines of lingerie, active, and swim, taking the best elements of high-style and comfort from each category. Establishing an entirely new category and POV of lingerie, a movement called Leisurée.

Beyond product, LIVELY is about a mindset and ethos first and foremost. One that enables, empowers, and reminds women what life is truly about. Doing what you love with the people you love. LIVELY’s mission is to drive women around the world to live life passionately, purposefully and confidently, #livingLIVELY. Inspired by women with wild hearts and boss brains. Bras and undies are just the beginning.


Aday is designed to be “ridiculously versatile”. People wear it at home, on planes, on honeymoons, to the dog park, to office meetings and afternoon naps.

Their community lives diverse lives each day, but they share a core idea of embracing lives that thrive. Aday is designed to help you flex and make the most of every moment, big and small.


Beautifully designed and hyperfunctional workwear for the hospitality world. As a working chef for almost 18 years Co-Founder Alex McCrery felt his uniform did not represent the pride and value that his career profession deserved. Not only was he underwhelmed with the market offerings for chef wear, but his coworkers and colleagues also longed for great workwear. Through rigorous testing, creative collaborations, and a lot of sweat, TILIT was born in the fall of 2012. The rest is history.


Tech. Skincare. You can’t have one without the other. Harnessing the latest in dermatological science & technology. Blending innovative ingredients with stupidly smart delivery systems.


Since its inception, Joie has been one of the most sought-after contemporary brands yielding to the fashion-minded woman. Effortlessly chic, Joie represents accessible luxury and casual style for today’s modern woman. Originally known for its romantic silk blouses and coastal inspired aesthetic, Joie has grown into a lifestyle brand, complete with a collection of ready-to-wear designs, a floral fragrance, and accessories.

Modern Picnic

Modern Picnic was launched in 2018 with the mission to provide women with a chic alternative to the traditional lunchbox. They are a brand that is built on a foundation of functionality, sustainability, and style. It was clear that the traditional lunchbox needed a makeover, and from there, Modern Picnic was born!


Pioneering a new standard for manufacturing in the global garment trade, revolutionizing the way garment workers and artisans are viewed, employed, and treated. Inspiring change not only by example at their own factory, they also partner with other international factories adhering to rigid compliance, striving to improve factory conditions in developing countries.

Mack Weldon

Mack Weldon was founded by a group of individuals who desired more from their basics and consistently questioned why purchasing something as essential as underwear and socks had to be so cumbersome. Starting from the ground up, they embarked on developing their own fabrics. They approached the design process with meticulous care, ensuring that each garment would offer a reliable fit every time it was worn.
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