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Effective Law Firm PPC Strategy

After spending so much time and money developing an exceptional website for your law firm, you understandably want the website to be as productive as possible for you. If your website is well-designed, it will naturally produce organic traffic for you. However, you should not rely exclusively on organic traffic for your law firm’s online leads. After all, your website’s ranking on search engines for different keywords can fluctuate regularly based on the competition and what changes Google and other search engines have made to their algorithms.

Law firm PPC, or pay-per-click marketing, can drive high-quality leads directly to your website. This increases the value of your website, and it can even help to increase the number of solid organic leads your website generates. More than that, you have full control over the cost of your pay-per-click marketing campaigns. This means that there may be a space in your digital marketing plan for a PPC campaign regardless of what your marketing budget is. What does it take to create a productive campaign for your law firm?

Choose High-Quality Keywords

The effectiveness of your law firm PPC campaign directly hinges on the keywords that you decide to target. The reality is that poor keyword choices may not yield the level of results that you desire. In addition, the campaign may produce a net loss for your business. Careful research of keywords that your target audience may be using should be combined with research on the keywords your competition is using.

Focus on Location

When an online retailer sells shoes, silverware or other products, they generally are offering their goods throughout the country and even internationally in many cases. As a law firm, you are offering your services to a much smaller geographic area. You do not want to pay for people who are outside of that geographic area to click on your ads. This can dramatically increase the cost and effectiveness of your campaign. With this in mind, your chosen keywords should be geographically specific. While you should target a metro area, you also should consider the benefits of targeting suburbs and small communities nearby.

Create Eye-Catching Ads

Targeted, well-chosen keywords are essential for getting your ads in front of potential clients who need your services, but that is not enough. Those internet users need to be motivated to click on the ad and to visit your website. This involves the creation of eye-catching ads with a strong call to action. The ads need to appeal to the potential clients’ needs and speak to how your firm can assist with those needs.

Measure Ad Performance

To ensure optimized performance, a law firm cannot take a set-it-and-forget-it approach with a PPC campaign. Because of how rapidly these factors may change, a frequent reassessment of the targeted keywords is necessary. As you measure the performance of each ad, it is important to focus on the performance of each targeted keyword and on the results of your bidding strategies. Google’s algorithms related to search engine results are revised frequently, so you will need to stay on top of those changes and understand how they impact your campaign. Through data collection and analytics, you can better determine the cost to acquire clients via your PPC campaign. More than that, you can identify opportunities to reduce that cost.

Remain Compliant

You are understandably familiar with the many compliance regulations and rules that govern law firm marketing. While you need to identify the most lucrative keywords to target and create an optimized bidding strategy, you need to do so in a manner that does not violate established regulations. This can seem intimidating at times, so working with an experienced consultant that specializes in search engine marketing for law firms could be a strategic and beneficial move.

Understand Google Ads Campaigns

Google is by far the top search engine in use today, so optimizing its PPC tools is essential. It offers several types of campaigns that can drive targeted traffic to your website. Some of these campaign types are search networks, Google display select and display networks. Click-to-call campaigns, video campaigns and cross-channel integration are some of the other types to consider.

Choose Your Match Type with Care

When you create a Google PPC ad, you can choose between a broad match, an exact match, a broad match modifier and a phrase match. By choosing the exact match setting, you are limiting the visibility of your ad only to those who search for the exact keyword you have targeted. While this produces fewer hits, your conversion rate may be higher. The other match types can expand the umbrella so that you receive more leads, but not all of those leads may be as targeted and relevant.

Consider Retargeting Ads

Depending on your law firm’s niche, your target audience may spend ample time browsing through numerous websites before deciding to reach out to a few. There may be an element of confusion or insecurity that prevents those individuals from contacting your firm on the first visit to your website. Retargeting ads are used to encourage visitors to return and to reach out for assistance. These ads can be an effective component of a strategic PPC campaign for a law firm.

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