7 Reasons You Need a Google Ads Management Service

google ads management services

It’s no secret that Google Ads are one of the most effective ways to put your business in front of the right audience. According to a recent survey, two out of three people have clicked on a Google Ad. But, getting your ad in front of the right prospects, managing your spending, and getting a great conversion rate depends on experience and skill. These are the reasons why it’s worthwhile to work with our Google Ads Management Services.

1. Keep up with Google Ads changes.

Google is constantly changing aspects of how Google Ads work. In 2023 alone, Google:

  • removed their “Similar Audience” feature
  • changed how Discovery ads worked
  • phased out their “first click” and position-based models.
  • and more.

Many of the changes to Google Ads are subtle. Others make a major difference in the ways your ads appear and who they are shown to. Understanding the implications of these changes takes constant attention and deep knowledge of the paid search and display ad ecosystem. 

SEM is one of the core functions offered by Renaissance Digital Marketing. We stay on top of every change Google makes, and use our knowledge to enhance your search engine marketing and on-page Google Ads results. 

2. Eliminate the trial and error.

It can take some time to figure out exactly what keywords, ad phrasing, and the right cost per click (CPC) to make your ads cost-effective. 

Our team is made up of professionals with years of experience with Google Ads. We have worked with businesses that range from tiny, local concerns to household names with millions of dollars in monthly ad spend. 

Chances are good we’ve worked with a company like yours. We understand the audience and what it takes to meet or beat current benchmarks for effective campaigns. We understand the signs a campaign is doing well, as well as the signs you need to change your strategy.

Instead of spending your money endlessly tinkering with ads that don’t convert, your first ad campaign with us comes with our years of experience and understanding. This means you start with a good understanding of the system so that every penny you spend counts. 

3. Save money by making data-based decisions.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that at least 23% of the $88 billion spent on digital ad buying every year is wasted. This includes automated bidding that puts cost per click over value, ads placed on low-quality, low-traffic sites, and other pitfalls common with those less experienced in digital advertising.

Google Analytics can give you powerful information that helps you effectively measure your return on your ad spend, and also help you learn more about the people who are interested in businesses like yours.

Understanding the interface and the information it offers can take some time. And, chances are, the last thing you want to spend your time doing is wading into all those statistics and data.

As digital marketing specialists, we live and breathe this sort of data. We study key analytics and apply what we learn to every campaign we manage. Our knowledge works toward your benefit to save you money and ensure your ads are effective. 

4. Leap over the learning curve. 

While a Google Ad account is simple to set up, it takes time to understand what all the sliders and buttons do. It takes experience with the market to understand what is allowed and what kinds of campaigns, landing pages, and research are effective.

It takes a long time to become comfortable with Google Ads and to optimize your accounts and your campaigns for maximum effect. You need to understand things like search intent to be sure your ad shows up when potential customers seek out businesses like yours. You need to learn what all the data means before you can dig in with a data-driven approach. 

5. Spend your time in a way that makes sense for your business. 

Entrepreneur Richard Branson says, “if you really want to grow as an entrepreneur, you’ve got to learn to delegate.”

It is possible for a solopreneur to learn all the skills needed to run effective digital ad campaigns. But, you may never get an adequate return on the time you invest. When you outsource your Google Ads management, you get to spend your time on the core operations that serve your customers and keep revenue coming in.

Instead of spending time babysitting an ad campaign and placing manual bids, you can dedicate your time to offering goods and services, and developing and expanding your skills and expertise. When you let us optimize your advertising and bring customers to you, you just have to focus on making them happy. 

6. No need to retain in-house talent.

You can hire someone to handle your Google marketing in-house. But, you will spend a great deal of time ensuring they have the training needed to deliver optimized and effective ads.

When you hire an outside agency, you have a team at your disposal ready to hit the ground running. No need to interview, hire, and onboard talent. You can make a decision to engage our talents and we start working for you right away. 

Having an outside source is typically far more cost-effective, as well. You pay just for the services you use instead of having to justify the expense of a full-time employee.

7. You get access to years of experience and expertise.

When you run your ad campaigns in-house, you have access to one set of experiences: your own.

When you hire a Google Ads management service, you benefit from everything we have learned serving other customers. Because we are digital marketing specialists, we have experience with a wide array of industries and company sizes. We bring all of that to every new customer, ensuring you have a great pool of institutional knowledge you can draw on.

Summing Up

Managing your marketing budget effectively can help you dramatically increase your return on your investment. By putting experts on the job from the start, you can get more clicks and more conversions, and continually grow your company’s success.

Schedule a meeting today to learn more about what we can do for you. 

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