eCommerce PPC Management: Everything You Need to Know

Ecommerce PPC Management

Pay-per-click advertising is among the most effective forms of online advertising. If you manage an eCommerce storefront, it’s important that you use the right marketing techniques to grow your brand and increase conversion rates. One of the top platforms you can use when implementing PPC ads is Google.

You’ll find that Google has its own online advertising platform, which is known as Google Ads. As your business grows, it’s essential that your marketing efforts are able to accommodate this growth. You should consider obtaining eCommerce PPC management to help you manage your Google Ads account and improve your brand awareness.

What Is PPC Advertising?

PPC advertising is a type of marketing that can help you save money on your total ad spend. You are only required to pay for these ads whenever someone clicks on the ad, which allows you to avoid spending a substantial sum of money on ads that aren’t effective. Even if one million people see your ad, you only pay for the people who end up clicking on it. In the event that you use the Google Ads platform, the ads you create will be displayed above search results.

How PPC Works with Online Storefronts

PPC advertising is highly beneficial when paired with eCommerce websites. Pay-per-click advertising is 100% data-driven, which makes it easy to test, scale, and optimize your ads over an extended period of time. When you seek Google Ads management services, you’ll be able to view analytics that show you detailed information about how your ads are performing. This information can then be used to improve your ads and bring more business to your storefront.

There are several components needed to launch a PPC advertising campaign with Google Ads. For one, ad creation is an essential aspect of all PPC advertising campaigns. When placed into Google search results, these ads are relatively small in size, which means that you only need a couple lines of of ad copy, a headline, and a link to a landing page on your eCommerce website. If your landing page is appealing and well-designed, many of the users who click on your PPC ads should make a purchase or become a member.

Keep in mind that eCommerce PPC ads must also contain the right keywords. If you select keywords that are similar to the type of business you run, your ads will be displayed in search results that are based on these keywords. Bidding is also a key component of Google Ads. Once an ad has been created and keywords have been selected, you’ll need to bid for ad space. More competitive keywords require higher bids. Bidding is covered under standard eCommerce PPC management services.

Benefits of Using PPC for Your Business

There are many reasons that you should consider using PPC ads for your eCommerce business. As mentioned previously, PPC ads and eCommerce websites are driven by data. You can track every facet of your advertising campaign to make sure that it’s providing you with the intended results. With this data, it’s possible to optimize your PPC campaign for better performance.

Another key benefit of using PPC ads is that you’re able to set a specific budget for the campaign. You won’t pay any money until your ads are clicked on. You can also set the maximum amount of ad spend you want to have with a specific campaign. PPC ads can be targeted to specific audiences by using the right keywords.

When to Seek Google Ads Management

If you want to be certain that your money is well-spent on PPC ads with the Google Ads platform, it’s highly recommended that you seek Google Ads management. When you select our management services, the PPC strategies we use should be able to get your Google Ads displayed in the shopping section of Google.

Google Ads also allows you to mention a shipping annotation that highlights free two-day shipping. Consumers respond well to fast shipping, which should help you improve your conversion rates. During the course of a standard Google Ads campaign, we’ll help you understand the analytics, which will determine what your next steps will be.

If your business is starting to experience substantial growth and you require help managing your Google Ads account, contact Renaissance Commerce today to schedule an initial consultation.

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