Content Marketing Specialists: High Quality Content To Grow Organic Traffic

content marketing specialists

Content Marketing Specialists

Content marketing is often cited as one of the most crucial parts of a digital marketing strategy. After all, as they say, content is king. But why is it such a big deal, and who is responsible for making it happen?

The truth is that it’s more challenging to deliver quality content than saying what’s on your mind. That’s why content marketing specialists are in high demand; these professionals can spark engagement in an audience because they understand the customer’s mind.

What is a Content Marketing Specialist?

Content marketing specialists do exactly what they sound like they do; they specialize in creating content to market businesses.

While companies have practiced content marketing for decades, it’s only recently been recognized as a respected skill set. As the practice becomes more widespread, so too has the introduction of content-centric staff in marketing organizations.


Content specialists have different job descriptions; many responsibilities depend on a business’s needs. However, the following are duties commonly expected in this role:

Writing and Editing

A significant part of marketing is writing the content. Whether it’s blog posts, video scripts, or emails, creating high-quality, engaging content takes up much of the specialist’s time. Moreover, writing for marketing is different than personal blogging; content creation requires an unselfish approach, an inherent focus on the audience, and SEO knowledge.


content marketing specialists

Effective content is the product of comprehensive, accurate research. Research is the backbone of content development, which includes:

  • Buyer personas: Who is the target audience?
  • Keyword research: What are they looking for?
  • Audience analysis: What kind of content would draw them in?
  • Competitive research: What do other businesses say about the subject?
  • Semantically-related keywords: How should the content be written?
  • External links: How to bolster the company’s credibility
  • Internal links: How to move readers through the sales funnel

Search Engine Optimization

Specialists must maintain SEO best practices when creating company content, especially for written formats like articles and blog posts. They will optimize every piece of content as they make it.

Content Strategy

Content specialists also typically develop and implement the marketing strategy.

Editorial Management

Specialists use editorial calendars to schedule content and communicate deadlines. These are usually spreadsheets or digital calendars shared among team members.

Importance of Engaging Content

Content marketing answers your audience’s questions, builds trust and authority, generates leads, and improves

content marketing specialists

conversions. Customers expect consistent, high-quality content from their favorite brands nowadays.

Your audience stays longer

Content can create positive experiences for prospective customers, encouraging them to return for more. In addition, it’s an excellent way to develop new relationships by capturing attention and reinforcing a good brand impression.

You’ll get social media traction

Having followers on social media is one thing, but it’s another thing entirely to create viral content that they share with everyone. So if you have yet to see much traction despite a large following, it’s time to hire a qualified specialist to help out.

You’ll develop brand trust

Good content develops a positive relationship with your audience and lets you interact with them, answer their questions, and build industry authority. When you create value without expectations, your audience is more likely to trust your recommendations.

You’ll get better leads

Marketing generates leads; when people enjoy your content, they may purchase from you in the future, especially if you place a strong call to action.

You’ll convert more visitors

Original content influences conversions, keeping an open line between the company and its audience. This connection gives them the data they need to make informed opinions. Additionally, consider original graphics instead of stock photos; the latter is less effective at engagement.

Your business will be more visible

SEO results will improve as you build a history of posting high-quality content. For example, content should help a business build trust and become visible; combining good content with a developed strategy should lead to higher search results rankings.

You’ll be seen as an industry authority

Finally, good content builds authority; if people see your business as a credible font of information, your website will perform better on results pages.

Hiring a Specialist

Curating content is essential to building a strong relationship with your target audience but requires balance with an expert touch. Make sure your content curation is engaging and well-organized with the help of one of our specialists. Contact us today to learn more.

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