How Do Google Responsive Search Ads Work?

Responsive Search Ads 

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Google’s responsive search ads (RSAs) represent Google‘s newest, biggest, and most adaptive search ad format to date. RSAs are now the largest ads on search engines and the default format for new Google ads. With up to 300 characters of total text, RS

As are twice as long as expanded search ads.

Traditional search ads involved writing a headline and a description to generate one static ad text. With RSAs, you can create up to 15 different headlines and up to four different descriptions.

Together, those headlines and descriptions can generate 43,680 different arrangements of headlines and descriptions. It makes the ad testing potential almost limitless.

How Do RSAs Work?

Google’s responsive search ads come with an extra headline, an extra description and 10 extra characters compared to expanded text ads. The extra space makes it much easier to generate creative and compelling ad copy.
After you generate your RSAs, Google automatically tests various permutations of headlines and descriptions to determine which arrangements generate the strongest response.

Based on keywords, type of device, browser history and other markers, Google delivers your message in the most effective way to the users most likely to need your information.

Creating Your Own RSAs

In February of 2021, responsive search ads were made the default ad type in Google ads. This action was implemented Click ads and extensions from the page menu on your help advertisers to manage their accounts more easily while continuing to grow as consumer behavior changes.

You can easily create your own RSAs by following this simple recipe:

  • Click the plus button and choose responsive search ads.
  • Enter the display URL and your final URL.
  • A preview of your ad will be displayed on the right.
  • The preview includes other ads you could create.
  • Enter a minimum of three headlines or up to 15.
  • Enter a minimum of two descriptions or up to four.
  • Click save, and you’re done.

You can add a tracking template using the URL options. After your new ad is submitted and approved, it will go live.

What About RSA Performance?

Besides being bigger and better than expanded text ads, Google’s RSAs have a clickthrough rate (CTR) of up to 15 percent compared to standard search ads. To maximize results, implement these best practices:

  • Always use all 15 of the headlines and all four of the descriptions.
  • Emphasize something different in each headline and in each description.
  • Headlines and descriptions can be pinned, but only very sparingly.
  • Test only a single RSA for each ad group.
  • Employ static ad data to inform RSA copy.
  • Run regular ETAs.

With RSAs, you can generate adaptable ads that show more text and deliver more meaningful messages while ad extensions can boost SERPs. With greater agreement between consumers’ search terms and ad content, responsive ads can empower your marketing campaigns and impact your bottom line. 

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