Increase Revenue & Traffic By Working With A Shopify SEO Agency

Working With a Shopify SEO Agency

Does your business rely on Shopify? Or are you planning to use it soon? For sure, it’s a terrific, one-of-a-kind platform for starting or growing a business.

However, unless you’re partnering with search engine optimization (SEO) experts, you won’t derive the most value possible from this program. To the contrary, you could be missing out on many customers who’d love to purchase your products.

Fortunately, with the right agency, you can turbocharge your Shopify results. In short order, you’ll scale up your internet visibility and levels of traffic. Even better, you’ll scale up your sales, revenue, and profits.

Shopify: A Brief Intro

Shopify, of course, is a subscription e-commerce software program through which you can set up an internet shop.

In addition to that digital store, Shopify could help you sell products in other internet and mobile marketplaces as well as in real-world locations. And it tracks all of your items: how many you have in stock, how many you’ve sold, and so forth.

Thus, with this cloud-based program, you can always call up any sales-related statistic you need. Shopify can also process your credit card and PayPal payments, manage your shipping, and let you communicate with customers.

For its part, Shopify Plus is a version of Shopify that’s designed for companies that sell goods at high volumes. Typically, a brand that utilizes Shopify Plus earns more than $2 million per year in revenues.

Shopify Plus is more expensive, but it offers premium features like artificial intelligence for interacting with consumers, a dedicated merchant manager, and customized shipping options.

Also, if you sell items in the real world, an app called Shopify POS can help you. (“POS” stands for “point of sale.”) This program turns Shopify’s special hardware units into cash registers. It can track your inventory, too, along with a wide range of other functions.

Growing Your Brand With an SEO Agency

Given that Shopify is so mobile-friendly and easy to use, couldn’t you and your team manage it on your own? What could outside Shopify consultants offer you?

As it turns out, there are many ways an outstanding Shopify SEO agency could improve your business outcomes. In a short period of time, you’d likely start seeing more conversions.

Generally speaking, to begin such a collaboration, SEO specialists will conduct a complete inspection of your Shopify store.

The agency will look at where you’re succeeding, where sales are falling short, and how you’re attracting and engaging with consumers.

In particular, these experts analyze Shopify sites to see how Google and other major search engines are reacting to them. Without the right pieces in place, those search engines will probably rank your site lower than your competitors’ sites.

Indeed, the higher your Shopify store appears on search engine results pages, the more traffic you’ll get. It’s an absolute rule.

Areas That Need Improvement

After completing the initial analysis, the firm will give you a thorough report. It might list your current SEO strengths as well as the components that require some work.

Moreover, you might have certain priorities in mind for your SEO agency. For example, maybe you feel that you could incorporate your logo or other branding assets more efficiently. Or perhaps you suspect that your keyword list is out of date. In such a case, your SEO pros could address those issues first.

Here are some examples of other things your Shopify SEO agency might add to your online shop:

  • Strategically-placed keywords that match popular Google search terms
  • Carefully chosen description tags and title tags, phrases that Google prioritizes
  • Concise, accurate, vivid, and original product descriptions to attract traffic
  • Relevant and high-quality links, which search engines love
  • Vibrant images, which are also key to SEO
  • Faster page loading speeds through streamlined coding and other methods
  • A more accessible and intuitive navigation system to boost engagement

Most SEO agencies can offer help with your design as well. That is, they can create a visually pleasing and engaging layout for each web page. They can also rework your colors, fonts, layouts, image and video placements, and more.

As a result, visitors will stay longer and, over time, buy more. On top of that, if your visual branding is consistent, it will make your shop seem more trustworthy.

Making Magic With the Right SEO Agency

Be aware that there are software programs for sale that promise to boost your Shopify SEO. Maybe you’ve been tempted to purchase one in the past. And some of those products might even work to some degree.

However, the only way to truly maximize your potential is to partner with authorities. A qualified agency will customize everything for you, and its team members won’t miss any aspect of SEO.

Not to mention, SEO best practices are always progressing. An excellent agency stays on top of those changes and continually implements them.

You’d likely want a Shopify SEO agency that’s priced competitively. However, while these services should fit your budget, always be wary of extreme bargains. If a firm is really cheap, the work could be inferior.

Thus, seek an agency with glowing — and verifiable — testimonials. If a firm has attained impressive results for other clients, it could probably do the same for you.

Finally, if you’re looking for the ultimate in Shopify SEO agency offerings, we at Renaissance Commerce are available. We have offices in New York and St. Augustine, and our clients are located all over the globe.

Our work is precise and personalized. With our deep base of knowledge and our sharp insights, we provide customers with powerful data-driven solutions. And they lead directly to growth.

If you’d like to send us a message or even schedule a meeting, please feel free to contact us at any time. Together, we’ll scale up your revenue and traffic, and your Shopify shop will reach the dizzying heights of those all-important search engine results pages.

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